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Opening hours, every day 5pm to 10pm


Parents, Friends, Professionals

We recognise that it can feel challenging, overwhelming or really difficult to find out somebody you know is self harming. If you would like to talk about what self harm is, how to support somebody who is self harming, or would like a space to get some support yourself, you can contact us from 5-10pm every night of the year

If you're not sure how the helpline works, find out more about it.  

If you would like to request promotional materials, such as leaflets or stickers, or would like to request a self harm workshop, please email us on

Gloucestershire Council
Care Quality Commission

Gloucestershire Self Harm helpline is a partnership between Rethink Mental Illness and Gloucestershire County Council.

Rethink Mental Illness is a registered charity in the UK. Registered in England Number 1227970. Registered Charity Number 271028.