Where can I get support?

Other support

Name: National Debtline

Website: www.nationaldebtline.org

Contact options: 0808 808 4000 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm and Sat 9.30am to 1pm

What do they do? : Specialist advice and information in relation to debt. Free.  Nationwide.


Name: Message Home – Missing People

Website: www.missingpeople.org.uk

Contact options: messagehome@missingpeople.org.uk 116 000

What do they do?: Helpline for adults who are missing from home. Listening and 3rd party contact service. 3-way call facilities.Adult. Nationwide.


Name: Rethink Mental Illness - Gloucester and Stroud Supported Housing

Website: www.rethink.org

Contact options:  Glos: 01452 314019 Stroud: 01453 766695

What do they do?: Housing with staff support for those with a mental illness. Gloucester and Stroud


Name: Independent Age

Website: www.independentage.org

Contact options: charity@independentage.org 0800 319 6789, Open 10am till 4pm, Monday to Friday

What do they do?: Information and practical support for elderly people.  Nationwide


Name: Mermaids

Website: www.mermaidsuk.org.uk

Contact options: info@mermaidsuk.org.uk 0844 334 0550 opening times may vary

What do they do?: Support and information for people with gender dysphoria and their families. Offer information, support, friendship and shared experiences. Nationwide


Name: Bully Online UK – ADULTS

Website: bullyonline.org

Contact options: online information

What do they do?: Advice on all aspects of bullying, with specific links to employment law and case histories. There is an advice page on the detrimental effect bullying has in the workplace and gives a person's legal rights and court rulings. There is also advice to employers and practical steps to follow if you are experiencing bullying in your employment. Nationwide


Name: SupportLine

Website: www.supportline.org.uk

Contact options: info@supportline.org.uk National Helpline: 01708 765200

What do they do? Confidential Helpline for any issue, especially for people feeling isolated and vulnerable as a result of abuse. Nationwide


Name: Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (GARAS)

Website: www.garas.org.uk

Contact options: info@garas.org.uk - 01452 550528 - 111 Barton Street, Gloucester,GL1 4HR

What do they do?: Offers a drop in centre for refugees and asylum seekers seeking support for additional services, food and housing, information and advocacy as well as trauma counselling. Gloucestershire


Name: The Gloucestershire Gay and Lesbian Community (GGLC)

Website: www.gglc-glos.co.uk

Contact options: info@gglc-glos.co.uk 07050 627273

What do they do?: A social group for Gloucestershire’s gay and lesbian community. All sexualities and ages welcome. Gloucestershire


Name: Mental Health and Money Advice Service. 

Website: https://www.mentalhealthandmoneyadvice.org/en/

What they do: Mental Health & Money Advice is the first UK-wide online advice service designed to help you understand, manage and improve your financial and mental health. The website is available for anyone with a mental illness who is struggling with their money, as well as anyone whose financial problems are affecting their mental health.