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Our Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and informative space for people who self harm, their friends, families and carers. We also speak to professionals who may want to know more about self harm. The service is able to support anyone living within Gloucestershire, and you can contact the service by telephone, text or webchat during our opening hours, every day 5pm to 10pm.

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What is self-harm?

What is self-harm?

Self harm is an umbrella term for behaviours that can cause injury or danger to yourself. The most common form of self harm is self injury. Self Injury is when you damage or injure your body on purpose to relieve the feeling of extreme distress. This is often described as an internal scream. Self harm or self injury can take many different forms.

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Support for you

Support for you

Do you need support and information on areas other than self harm? Are there other things that are affecting you? There are lots of organisations within Gloucestershire and the UK who might be able to help. Find organisations who can give you support around:

Information for carers

Information for carers

We recognise that it can feel challenging, overwhelming or really difficult to find out somebody you know is self harming. If you would like to talk about what self harm is, how to support somebody who is self harming, or would like a space to get some support yourself, you can contact us from 5-10pm every night of the year.

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Gloucestershire Council
Care Quality Commission

Gloucestershire Self Harm helpline is a partnership between Rethink Mental Illness and Gloucestershire County Council.

Rethink Mental Illness is a registered charity in the UK. Registered in England Number 1227970. Registered Charity Number 271028.