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Public consultation June 2022

Gloucestershire County Council is investing in new and improved mental wellbeing services in the county, and they want to make sure that their future plans meet the needs of Gloucestershire residents. Rethink currently deliver a Gloucestershire Self Harm Helpline which currently supports people of any age, affected by self harm and suicide.

The current SHHL contract (which is commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council) is ending in March ’23 and the Council are exploring options for delivering self-harm support after this date. Provision to support self-harm will remain, but it may be part of a wider service. The Council are seeking views through the survey:

The Council are seeking people’s views on changing the current Rethink helpline to instead fund an open access helpline service for adults. experiencing mild-moderate issues with their mental health and emotional wellbeing, such as anxiety, stress, or low mood.

To view the press release, please visit the following link:

More information :

  • Gloucestershire County Council is investing in new and improved mental wellbeing services in the county, and we want to make sure that our future plans meet the needs of our residents.

  • Mental health and wellbeing need both locally and nationally has increased in recent years. Everyone experiences ups and downs with their mental health, and anyone could need support for their emotional wellbeing, which is why it is vital as many people as possible share their thoughts on our service proposals.

  • We believe getting the right support early can help prevent problems from getting worse, which is why our proposals will integrate the existing standalone helpline, currently provided to support people who are self-harming, into a broader service which can help over 18’s with all aspects of their emotional wellbeing, including self-harm.

  • Dedicated support will also be available for children and young people, including support for self-harm, alongside support for their emotional wellbeing through existing services such as TIC+ and CAMHS.

  • We understand that people may not be comfortable talking about their mental health needs or self-harm, so this is an anonymous survey. Tell us what you think online at: Mental Wellbeing Helpline for Adults | Have Your Say Gloucestershire (engagementhq.com).

  • The survey is available in a multitude of languages (click on the arrow at the top-right of the online survey and select the required language). Paper copies are also available via email publichealth@gloucestershire.gov.uk or telephone 01452 583 795 or 01452 426 212

Last updated 23 June 2022